My secret to making that creamy popsicle!

I’ve been making popsicles left and right. It’s fun, tasty and healthy so why not right? Why make popsicles instead of liters of ice cream you ask? Well…

1) portion control – my weakest link…O.o
2) Every popsicle can be different from another!
3) They freeze faster hence I get to eat them earlier! šŸ™‚

SO this secret ingredient to all my popsicles is…..>>>>>COTTAGE CHEESE<<<<<

I love adding cottage cheese to these frozen treats. They add texture and creaminess and it doesn’t affect the taste you are trying to achieve.Ā Fruit popsicles taste awesome and they are always so refreshing!

Here are the basicĀ ingredients I use
– Chobani or 365 (whole food brand) greek yogurt
– Cottage cheese
– Fruits of your choice
– Agave (optional)

Sometimes I get lazy, I just use flavoured greek yogurt with cottage cheese and it taste just as good!Ā If you are curious about what are some of the combinations, here are my favorites (going from left to right in my pictures)

  • pineapple yogurt + rambutan
  • vanilla yogurt + fig
  • raspberry yogurt + logan
  • pineapple yogurt + roasted peach <- MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!

Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed. *Scout’sĀ honour* šŸ˜€


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