Acorn – what an experience!

It took me a while to write this blog post. I kind of got caught up with everything else going on, kept pushing this out to “tomorrow”. Finally, that “tomorrow” is today! 🙂 I told myself that I really need to write this up simply because it is a well deserved review on a very memorable dining experience I had while touring Bath.

It was an absolute pleasure dining at Acorn, a modern vegetarian restaurant that uses seasonal ingredients to serve each of their exquisite dish. The menu changes all the time since they only use seasonal ingredients.The restaurant offers the option of choosing two or three courses. I chose the three course (of course!) with wine pairing and so did my partner. We both picked different items on the menu just so both of us could try more dishes. 😀 I would suggest you do the same if you and your dining partner don’t mind sharing. It’s the most awesome way to dine out. Hence why I love going out with big groups when it comes to dining! 😀

First courses –

Carrot & Cashew pâté with pickles, salad and spelt crisps. I seriously thought I could eat this all day long. I’m not a huge fan of carrots. I think I only eat it because I was told that it has a lot of carotene which is apparently good for the eyes.  This on the other hand was phenomenal! The sweetness from the carrots and the nutty flavour of the cashew were just a perfect blend! I’m not even a vegetarian and I was still going nuts on this! I think this is the best pâté I’ve had to date… forget about all the meaty pâté because those don’t compare when it comes to compete with this delicious piece of art!

Chioggia Beetroot Slivers with aged cashew puree and local salad. This restaurant love their cashews and I can’t deny the fact they did a good job with this. The puree was palatable, it has a light nutty taste to it. It wasn’t as intense as the pâté dish. It went well with the beets and salad without dominating the flavour of the dish. This was enjoyable, however, between the two choices for first course, I would choose the pâté without hesitation. 🙂

Second courses –

Smoke field mushroom with potato galette, salt baked celeriac puree and market greens. The mushrooms were very flavourful, the texture reminded me of dehydrated mushrooms. If I wasn’t told it was smoked, I wouldn’t be able to tell how it was cooked just by tasting. I like mushrooms in general but smoked mushroom was fairly new to me. The mushrooms was glazed in rich mushroom demi-glace. I think the glaze helped making the mushroom “juicy” and definitely added a touch to its presentation! The puree was again tasty. I don’t think there was one dish at this restaurant where I didn’t enjoy the puree yet. 🙂

Calabrese Broccoli & Confit Jersey Royals with spelt grain warmed in a smoked almond and olive oil emulsion, lovage and pickled cabbage. Seriously, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I ordered this dish. The dish was definitely on the hearty side because of the almond olive oil emulsion. The term “emulsion” was new to me so if you are clueless as well then read this or watch a video from serious eats or any other food network. I’m sure there are tons out there that explains this. I enjoyed the creamy, almondy flavour of spelt soaked in emulsion and loved the chewy texture. It kind of reminds me of my daily breakfast, bircher muesli, in a way. 🙂

Desserts –

Compressed Cheddar Strawberries with pine nut parfaits, shredded basils and pepper.  The pine nut ice cream is AHHHHHHHHHH….. MIND BLOWING good! Yes I am an ice cream addict but this WAS heavenly. I got an non ice cream addict to back me up on this. 😉 That must count as something right? I’m not sure where the cheddar part of the strawberry comes from because I didn’t taste anything cheddar. At first I thought it was a type of strawberries but it wasn’t. The strawberries were good and went well with the pine nut. The highlight is still the ice cream! It is a MUST try if they have it on the menu.

Poached Rhubarb with thyme meringue, panna cotta, spiced gel & rhubarb sorbet. This is an interesting dessert because it just has so much going on here. I felt like I was having three desserts in one! I enjoyed each on their own. I also tried to combine them in one bite and I didn’t think they all went together very well. The spiced gel was unique but probably my least favorite part of the dish.

There is popular restaurants like Sally Lunn in Bath where I find it odd that people rave about a place that serves large hamburger buns pretty much!  To verify this, of course I had to go try it myself. To my expectation and own taste bud, it was very overrated! Rick Steves has said that “it is unique but a completely forgettable experience!”, I totally agree and actually don’t even find it that unique! So if you have that planned in your schedule. I would suggest you to not waste your time/stomach space on eating hamburger bread and book yourself a table at Acorn and enjoy some quality food! I’m only writing about this because I had such a great experience. I rarely do restaurant reviews but this was an experience definitely worth mentioning! ❤

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