Spiked Parfait!

This IS a perfect date night dessert! 😉

So I call this date night dessert but really it can be made for any occasion even for a night in by yourself! I made this for myself last night as an experiment and I was surprised how tasty it turned out and not to mention how quick you can whip this together! It looked so pretty that I had to take a few pictures of it to show you! 😀

You only need three ingredients:
  • Ice cream – I used Talenti Strawberry ice cream, I think vanilla is always a safe bet and will taste great as well.
  • Fruit – in this case I thought raspberry would go well and it did!
  • Here the key ->chocovine (chilled)!! This Dutch chocolate red wine blend is darn amazing to use not only as a dessert beverage but also as syrup for your favorite ice cream! 😀 😀

Scoop spoonful of ice cream and layer some fruits in between. Drizzle or pour in the chocovine depending on how much you like it. 😛 Serve it in a bowl or in a champagne glass like I did, doesn’t it look so good?! ❤

This is not only the best of two worlds but three! Ice cream + chocolate + red wine… Do I need to say more? XD

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