Sights that will take your breath away

without traveling far!…um.. I guess for some of us… 🙂

I’ve travelled many cities/countries abroad and yet I was awed by my most recent trip close by. Have you had this “take me away” kind of feeling and yet what you long for is actually much closer than you anticipated?

I have lost words to describe how breathtaking Arizona is. The landscape and its natural rock formation looked out of this world. It’s quite dangerous to drive along scenery that is as beautiful as this because you will be tempted to look at the scenery instead of the road. What a terrible problem to have eh? 😛

We flew into Phoenix and drove up to Sedona then Page/Lake Powell. This trip can be easily extended for another week because there are just so much to see. I have only seen the Arizona side (I should say part) but there is still the beautiful side of Utah that I have yet to explore.

Sedona is famous for its red sandstone formations. The spectrum of red colors on these rocks look amazing especially during sunset and I assume sunrise as well. Its hard to believe this whole landscape in front of me was created by mother nature. A picture is worth a thousand words but yet I don’t think these pictures truly show how beautiful this place is. It’s a sight that you must visit in person and see with your own eyes to really appreciate.

IMG_2799 IMG_2857

IMG_2800 IMG_2801

IMG_2969 IMG_2979

The drive from Sedona to Page is a very scenic drive, there are many scenic stops you can make along the way to enjoy the view and take pictures at. The views were rejuvenating. When you stand on the side of the road which is a few steps from a cliff possibly, with fresh air to breath in, amazing views to indulge in and sharing all of this with someone special gives you this on top of the world kind of feeling. It’s fulfilling.

IMG_3025 IMG_3012

IMG_3136 IMG_3122

Antelope Canyon and HorseShoe Bend,  I was awed by the magnificent view of both of these two places. When you are standing at the horseshoe bend lookout that is a 1000 ft cliff drop, you will forget about all your worries or sickness (in my case) and simply be amazed by this gorgeous view and probably wonder how you have not seen this sooner.   

Antelope Canyon, its spectrum of colours is spectacular! I checked out both the upper and lower canyon and I must say I had an easier time capturing photos at the lower canyon because there was more light shine into the canyon. The upper canyon is a lot darker due to the depth so if you want to see light beams shine in then you definitely need to go during the prime time which is from ~10am to 12pm. The range of colours looked amazing and it changes constantly due to the light shifts. You can capture multiple shots at the same spot with totally different turn out.


  IMG_3893 IMG_3607

Lake Powell, a second largest man-made reservoir in the U.S. is absolutely beautiful and was definitely worth a trip. It’s so beautiful and relaxing, you can be the judge through these pictures. I didn’t know it was a popular vacation spot that millions of people visit annually. I’m really glad that we decided to stay at the Lake Powell Resort. It is a beautiful/well maintained resort and well priced so I highly recommend it! I would also recommend to go on one of the boat tours to explore Glen Canyon. It’s definitely worth checking out.




This trip was memorable not only because of its spectacular views but also because of this ordinary guy who makes my heart smile! It’s a great feeling to be sharing these memorable moments with someone special. Looking forward to our many more memorable trips/moments together! ❤


4 thoughts on “Sights that will take your breath away

  1. Beautiful pics! I took a trip to Utah last year around this time, and it made me want to see more of the Southwest. I hope I can visit some of the places in your post sometime soon!


    1. Thanks Nina! It was absolute beautiful. I want to visit Utah next time I make a road trip around that area. Did you go to monument valley when you went on your trip? I really want to check that out next time. I didn’t expect so many scenic spots in Arizona/Utah, kind of caught me by surprise when I was there! A good surprise 🙂


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