International Women’s Day – Thought Provoking

After watching this, I had the urge of writing another post. I saw the news about this a while back but did not know the full story. This documentary made me feel nauseous and it made me realize that there are still many cultures out there that suffers from severe gender inequality issue.

Having grew up in a developing country myself up to my teens, I did not know the severity of gender inequality. International Women’s Day was just a day off from school when I was a kid similar to all the other holidays. After immigrating to North America, the degree of gender inequality that I was aware of pretty much revolved around corporate life and this article below highlighted some of the gender inequality issues we face in the tech field.

Some of the situations they described sounded familiar but I don’t agree with the decisions these people made. If we were to leave every field that has gender bias, this would only amplify the issue, wouldn’t it? Also to keep in mind, the problem you face in one company may not exist in another or may not be as pronounced. Sometimes changing company may just be your solution instead of changing to a different field.

For some of us, we are very lucky to be living in a culture where gender inequality is not as pronounced as many of the other cultures. We should all be grateful for this and yet not to forget that at some point in history, our grandparents or generations before that had to go through what some of these less fortunate cultures are going through today.

Question to myself and to all the other women, how have you dealt with gender inequality when you are faced with such problem?

It’s not an easy question to answer especially when facing such problem in a professional setting. But one thing for sure, I don’t believe in walking away from problems and that goes for gender inequality as well, it is by no way of helping the situation!

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