Don’t we all love freshly baked pastries?

Only if I can wake up to that amazing aroma of pastry baking every morning! It makes me hungry just to think about it even though I’m full at the moment. 😛

So I decided to bake some croissants that I bought from store this weekend. It says to let it sit in room temperature overnight before baking. Of course being the curious me, I was thinking what would happen if I don’t let it sit out. I didn’t want to ruin the whole batch but decided to let ONE be the lonely odd one of not letting it ferment/rise over night.

In the morning when I checked on these croissants that I left out in room temperature overnight, I was shocked with how much bigger they’ve got! They were huge and fluffy! Dough fermentation is so cool. A small amount of yeast in dough can make it nice and fluffy and of course more flavourful! I read yeast role in bread baking to get a better understanding on what/how does it make the dough rise and its effects on the flavour of the dough itself. It’s interesting.

So I baked these nice fluffy croissants with my one odd ball croissant straight from the freezer and the result was so sad… as expected I suppose. The fluffy ones turned out gorgeous and delicious! The one from the freezer was not even cooked I believe when it came out. eeeekkkk.. and that was my weekend morning baking fun! 😀

Pumpkin Croissant, Look how fluffy it got overnight



Before and after pic of the plain croissant, leaving it overnight doubles the size and there is no comparison on the taste since the frozen croissant is not even edible I think. It tasted nasty!

Yummmmm! Maybe a bit too much butter for my stomach in one sitting… O.o

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