Simply feeling blessed

A few weeks back I took a weekend trip to Taiwan for my birthday. People have thought it was nuts for such a short period of time but even more so is spending a birthday by myself.  I remember seeing some people’s facial expression whether that is a acquaintance or stranger I came across, they all seemed to have this I’m sorry kind of look.

There is something I came to realize even though I think I knew this already before. Although I wasn’t physically with my close friends or family on my birthday but I felt loved and cared for even more so when I’m away. Distance doesn’t keep those who truly cares away. They will find a way to send their love and wish one way or another no matter where you are. The trip was a present I picked for myself, even though I spent my birthday by myself, I wasn’t alone. I had friends from all over the place that sent me their warm wishes. I had people that have text, called or emailed to let me know that I was on their mind. I was welcomed back with birthday gatherings and surprises. The strange decision to many of spending my birthday by myself only made me feel more certain on how blessed I am to have such a wonderful group of loving and supportive family and friends who truly cares.

I love this feeling, this moment and my life right now. It ain’t perfect but I embrace its imperfection. How can one NOT embrace life when there are so many positive individuals that surround us whom we can learn from and share all those great moments in life with!!

IMG_9217  laughingwish

IMG_9355 IMG_9356

Holiday season is just around the corner. I hope everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday! My favorite time of the year. 😀 Time to wear stretchy pants. 😛

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