Great find when power goes out…

Last year we got hit by an ice storm in Toronto. This year we got hit by heavy rain storm in SF!

What’s with December?

Both times the power went out and I seriously don’t know how people deal with no electricity? Although it was for a relatively short period of time. I felt like I couldn’t do anything. No power means no wifi and I couldn’t even get on my mobile network, no cooking, no hot water, no cleaning, no e-reading(forgot to charge it:S). Just when I thought there was not anything I could possibly do at home. I found my stash of hard copy books which I have neglected for years possibly?! and within that pile of books, I found an awesome one I probably have been meaning to read for a while but totally forgot about it – The Alchemist! My next read! 😀

imageThanks goodness the storm has left us. As much as I’m hoping for powder in Tahoe, I’m getting a little sick of the rain! At least the ice storm was pretty in Toronto where as this rain was just nasty! :/


2 thoughts on “Great find when power goes out…

  1. Hope Tahoe is having better snow luck than Washington… we barely have any snow in the mountains and it got warm and dumped rain on it last week so now there’s even less 😦 I’d be surprised if the ski resorts manage to open before the end of the year.


    1. Some of my friends went and they said it’s slushy! there aren’t much snow yet. Looking at the snow condition of each resort, it looks like only squaw valley and sugar bowl has the most snow except I can’t use my season pass at those two. 😦
      I’ll have to wait until next year to go snowboard anyways so hopefully there will be more powder and not slush!
      If you decided to come down for a snowboarding trip, Tess and I will join you! 😀


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