Taroko Gorge (late post but it’s better late than never:))

What a sight!

The view was breathtaking. I had to make this trip probably because I missed my hike to Machu Picchu too much. The withdraw to nature in the last few months was making me anxious to get back to it. Yeap and when I saw the pictures of this place, I mentally said to myself since you are illogical enough to make a trip to Taiwan for a weekend then what’s with another day trip to another city?

Thank goodness the weather was good and I wasn’t welcomed with any rain. I flew with a 7am domestic flight and there was a tour guide to pick me up. There were a handful of people that joined the same tour. The tour bus was so empty. I have never been on an Asian tour with so few people and it was awesome when you can have a whole row to yourself! 😀

The tour consists of Taroko Gateway, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow Grotto, TienHsiang and ChiHsingTan Beach.  I know most people enjoy visuals instead of written explanations. So let the pictures speak for itself… 🙂

The view from the flight was really pretty!


Taroko Gorge Gateway

IMG_8298 IMG_7864

Shakadang Trail

IMG_7931 IMG_7953 IMG_7970

Tunnel of Nine Turns and Swallow Grotto (Do you see the face? :))

IMG_7990 IMG_7974 IMG_8299

Kind mother bridge (playing with selfie stick can be confusing… hence the second pic >.<)

IMG_8259 IMG_8181 IMG_8186 IMG_8198 

Long spring bridge, Eternal Spring Shrine (so many red bridges)

IMG_8341 IMG_8384 IMG_8361 IMG_8436

TienHsiang, another bridge!

IMG_8282 IMG_8289

ChiHsingTan Beach

IMG_8404 IMG_8425 IMG_8406

Food I’ve indulged in the last few hours. Ahh I miss the food there, I’m hungry whenever I look at these pictures! I must avoid them at night.  :S

IMG_8458 IMG_8452 IMG_8438 IMG_8464 IMG_8489

I highly recommend checking out this national park! I didn’t get a chance to explore the trails so much since I was with a tour guide. I would have loved to hike around a bit more and explored some of the other areas of the park.  I definitely want to go back for a revisit and give myself a bit more time to explore. 🙂

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