Bag dropped off, first stop

Shilin Night Market!

I didn’t let myself freshen up after checking into the hotel last night. Heck, I’m not here to impress some guy but rather live the experience like a local so I better leverage every minute I got here – ~48 hrs.

The market was going to close at 1am and I got there shortly before midnight. This gives me one hour to indulge in everything I possibly can fit into that stomach of mine.

As I was still getting a hang of the Taiwan currency (TWD), I didn’t realize how cheap everything was. Everything were mostly ranged from 20 to 50 TWD. I was in a rush at the exchange stand, so it didn’t register in my mind that each US dollar equals ~30 TWD. That means everything I got was around $0.70 to $1.70 which is really cheap!

How can I talk about food without posting any pictures? 🙂

I was skeptical about the pork blood cake in the first picture, but it turned out REALLY good. The fried yam balls and fried quail eggs are equally delicious. Oh man, thank goodness I don’t live in Taiwan. I would go to night markets everyday!

IMG_7489 IMG_7485 IMG_7519 IMG_7524 IMG_7520 IMG_7521

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